What is Verve Energy Drink – Vemma Energy Drink

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What is Verve Energy Drink – Vemma Energy Drink

“Verve Energy Drink – What Is Vemma’s Energy Drink?”

Verve is more than just the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns or more than an endorsed product by Dr. Oz. Verve is an 8 ounce carbonated energy drink that blends natural energy with a healthy formula. In modern society, we’re frequently drinking products to help fuel our bodies. Coffee, energy drinks, quick energy shots…yet many of these products aren’t exactly filling us with the right nutrients. Vemma is aware that we love energy products, but is providing a healthy alternative.

What is in Vemma and Verve?
Each verve can contains one individual serving of the Vemma formula: Vitamins A-E, Mangosteen, Aloe Vera, and antioxidants. 80mg of natural caffeine come in each can. It is Gluten free and has no artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. There are a few variations of Verve. Verve Bold has a little bit of extra caffeine and only five grams of sugar. Sugar free bold is a sugar free alternative to the original verve.


Verve Energy Drink Meme


Verve Drink Business
Okay great, so Verve is a health energy drink…so what’s all the fuss about?
The reality is that thousands of people, many of them students and young people, are getting PAID to consume them. It’s not sales and it’s quite flexible actually. If you choose to become a brand partner, you must purchase the product. You will then get your own free website and become eligible for the nine different ways brand partners get paid.
There is no signup fees, and each can is about the cost of an energy drink you’d buy in a local store. Brand partners are working around work and school, and building up residual income with goals in mind. Quit your part-time job? Help pay off student loans? Get Vemma to lease you a new BMW or Mercedes? It’s happening every day.

How Do I Buy Verve Energy?

1. Get connected with a brand partner (we can get you started on the right track, and have unique training and tools)
2. Go to that brand partner’s personalized website
3. Order product of your choice: Vemma, Verve, Bode, etc
4. The product will get shipped to your address in a few days
5. If you decide to become a brand partner, you get a free website of your own, courtesy of Vemma

If you want to learn more about the Vemma business, figure out how to earn some supplemental income, or just get connected with people in the industry then feel free to reach out and contact us.


  1. This is a pretty great explanation! Definitely cleared up some questions.

    Does sugar free also have caffeine?

    • Sugar Free DOES have caffeine.

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